San Paolo cold cuts – a subtle play with flavours

Soft, smooth and light. When we think of our cured meats, we remember the scent of those pinky delicate slices that the delicatessen seller carefully placed on the cutting board before reaching our table.

In 2000, like the San Paolo Cured Meat Factory, we took a chance and invested in a top-quality cold cuts line designed for you to have a sublime product at home just like that at the delicatessen. With “le Nuvole di San Paolo – fette di Alto Gusto” (the Clouds of San Paolo – Best Flavour slices), we offer a top quality cured meat served in an innovatively designed tray: with rounded edges that adapts perfectly to the display cabinets and allows you to place the slices with a soft wave, reminiscent of the lightness of clouds.

We organised the production process so as to guarantee the top quality that distinguishes us, in strict accordance with our principles: only cured meats that we produce are sliced and we only slice selected individual pieces to respect the natural structure of and fibre of the cured meat.

The slicing process is always in a positive temperature and the cured meats are never frozen – we only use preformed trays so as not to overheat the product while being positioned – and lastly, the expert hands of selected operators carefully place the slices in the tray, adding the wavy, soft and artisan effect found in San Paolo cold cuts.