Sliced deli meats without antibiotics from birth

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Nati Senza! is our new line of premium deli meats without antibiotics, ever. We are committed to supporting animal welfare and good eating habits with a high-quality line that meets animal welfare requirements.


Why do they taste even better than you expect?

We have developed new trays, “Le Nuvole”, that guarantee the High Quality of the product.

The slices are placed in the tray rigorously by hand and maintain a unique softness: as if they had just been sliced.

Choose Nati Senza! if you prefer premium deli meats with:

  • Raw materials verified from their origin
  • The new “Le Nuvole” molded plastic trays
  • Never sliced below freezing
  • Without added polyphosphates
  • Without added glutamate
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Pigs reared according to animal welfare requirements
  • Only for bresaola carpaccio, no antibiotics in the last 4 months

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